“Bhageerathi Bai Narayana Rao Maanay Institute of Technology”, aka BNMIT is a private technical co-educational school located in the 2nd stage of the banashankri and every time you take an auto make sure to pronounce BNMIT clearly before he drops you at BMSCE. Yes nobody fuckin knows where BNMIT is and yet they consider themselves in list of top 5 vtu colleges god knows by what measures. It’s like honey Singh considering himself in the race of Grammy awards lol!

Okay let’s talk about some prominent parts of bnmit . The most important man of BNMIT no it’s not the director it’s the security guard the sun kissed fat ass in white uniform. That nigga has supreme powers and you can only enter the college by his wish so make sure you have the I’d card or else be ready to hear his intolerable voice which is enough to spoil your day. Now coming on to the director aka the Hitler of BNMIT is and I mean it very nicely a gigantic asshole. That guy is the real old age mafia of BNMIT and every staff is forced to revolve around him. Here is the thing he takes up the easiest part of a subject and finish that with his own convenience by taking class at any hour and meanwhile the other teacher can fuck around. He also feels a kinda inferiority complex if he sees a guy with a girl don’t know why may be he don’t get a boner anymore. You can find many more disappointing faces here at BNMIT.

BNMIT- Disgusting rules are here where are you ?

If making a lame rules is an art then definitely BNMIT is Picasso of it. I mean no phones are allowed inside the campus, you cannot wear a round neck t-shirt or a faded jeans, a guy and a girl can’t sit together in a class are some of the many shitty rules and I’m not kidding they are for real. Who could have imagined that there is a college in IT hub of India where phones aren’t allowed , seriously insane.

BNMIT- All the nerds are here where are you?

Yes if your only aim in life is to mug up the vtu books then welcome mate this college belongs to you.

BNMIT- No grounds are here where are you?

Sports?? Sorry we don’t do that here . Bnmit has a piece of land for basketball cum handball cum volleyball cum parking cum bunking spot. So if you are an sports enthusiast then better you hang your boots off before joining BNMIT.

BNMIT is the tiniest engineering school I have ever seen even elementary school buildings are larger it’s like Narayan Rao mane initially bought a plot for his house then shifted his plan to college. We don’t even have separate buildings for different branches here and yes including MBA.

BNMIT – Here education is just not for livelihood it’s for life

And this is their real tagline so let’s just break it down. Yes their education is not for livelihood I mean mechanical students can relate here and later half says it’s for life and suddenly I can feel the pain ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Enough of bashing man let’s talk some positive things of BNMIT.

Hmmm ? Error 404 not found

Ps- I have missed many points here so if you feel adding up some more do let me know in the comments.

Cricket corruption

Hello reader in this blog I’ll be writing about one sports that India dominates not spelling bee it’s cricket .

Imagine sitting on the couch and watching a game that goes for nearly a week and ends up with no result. Yes that was cricket in 70s and 80s but now game has gone from sweater vest and tea breaks to something that’s actually fun to watch. Now just for perspective last time India and Pakistan played each other over a billion people tuned in . And still when American hear the word cricket they think of an insect , the cola or a data plan.

But cricket is much more than what the world think cricket can be used for international diplomacy ,aka ” cricket diplomacy”. India and Pakistan have used cricket both to ease tensions and inflame tension. After the terrorists attacks in Kashmir India had reportedly threatened to boycott it’s match with Pakistan in the WC 2019. But “cricket diplomacy ” goes way beyond south Asia . IN early 2000s fidel Castro( then prime-minister of cuba) tried to get cubans to play cricket instead of baseball as a middle finger to the United States. In 2005 China built a Grenada cricket stadium as a thank you for not recognising Taiwan. Cricket even played a vital role in Afghanistan. If we are searching for a model of how to meet tough international challenges with skills then we only need to look at Afghan cricket they didn’t have a cricket team a decade ago and made it to CWC in 2019.

Cricket is a global sports with potential to unite nations but here what’s frustrating in 2019 it became less inclusive because of corruption and greed and no other country to blame more here but sadly India. India has become so dominant and it is stifling the growth of international cricket which is so odd because goal was originally about the expansion. The game was spread by British empire ,the world’s first spam bot. The empire spread cricket all over the world and they used cricket to export culture. Cricket was ultimate colonial civilizer. And as the colonies got better at cricket it became a way to beat colonizers at their own game.

But today India runs shit ,India commands over 70% of global revenue ,in 2017 India generated 1 billion dollars in sponsorships and mostly thanks to three letters IPL ,aka “Indian premier League “. The IPL turned the cricket into a cultural phenomena. The IPL has so many viewers across the world that it can sell everything from soda , cars and even condoms. Sex and spectacle has made cricket what it is today. In 2008, the IPL flew in NFL cheerleaders for a match that brought every Indian uncle in 50 feet radius. It was something that came directly from league’s infamous founder, Lalit Kumar modi. Lalit Modi started IPL with initial investment of 25 million dollars and 2 years later IPL was worth 4.1 billion. Lalit Modi made cricket exciting with shorter matches, shorter season he paid best players to come India to play and everyone was giving Lalit props. Modi was celebrated throughout the cricket world for years and by years I mean two exactly two. In 2013 BCCI which is India’s cricket board found Lalit Modi guilty of eight misconducts and kicked him out of the IPL and that’s ballsy. Can you imagine firing someone who made your organisation billions of dollars. It’s like firing mark Zuckerberg from Facebook or elon musk from Tesla. Modi denied charges but rather than facing them in courts he left India.

What Lalit Modi did with IPL was revolutionary. Thanks to him cricket revenue exploded it was like India had an oil boom . The influx of cash and eyeballs redefined the way the global cricket is governed and that’s the problem.

On paper international cricket is governed by international cricket council ,aka ICC. The ICC oversees all 105 cricket playing nations. They are at the top of the food chain. Indian cricket is governed by board of cricket control ,aka BCCI. In theory the ICC oversees the BCCI at international level but thanks to Indian cricket BCCI generates so much money and commands so much viewership that they’ve made ICC their bitch and every country is forced to revolve around the BCCI. Just look at the world cup scenarios. Sixteen teams played in world cup 2007 and now it was down to ten in 2019 the fewest in two decades. Fewer teams increases the odds of India being in more world cup matches now India in more world cup matches means more money for advertisers. So BCCI is just constantly throwing their weight around.

In 2014 India launched a cricket coup to take over international cricket with combining forces of Australia and England. They are known as the ” big three” and they run everything. Now before 2014 every member of ICC got an equal share of cricket revenue but under India’s proposed plan more money went to the “big three”with India getting the lion’s share.

One of the best known scandals involved BCCI’s former president N Srinivasan. During his tenure players and official were arrested for rigging games and illegal betting one of the team involved was owned by Srinivasan ( Chennai super kings). It was so messy that supreme court had to step in and forced him to step down.

ICC had proposed a plan of introducing cricket in Olympics but BCCI rejected the proposal as they don’t want an Olympic committee to interfare in their business and that’s insane because let’s accept it India sucks at Olympics and cricket would have been an option to win some gold.

The game is controlled by BCCI and it’s more lucrative business so they don’t want to expand the game as they feel it might dilute their powers. The saddest part of all of this is cricket can be a force of good as we have seen some inspiring examples like Afghanistan. India was one of the first to invest in Afghanistan cricket team. Their rise shows how much the spread of the cricket means to the country.

Now as an Indian I’m proud that we are so dominant at cricket . We took something our colonisers forced on us and made it our own but my complaint is we are so concerned with owning the sports that it isn’t about playing cricket anymore. It’s about colonising it for ourselves.

Drug lords

Hello reader I’m trying my hands on fiction writing here so kindly bear with me for few minutes.

Mumbai-the city of dreams , many come here empty-pocketed but very few go on to join “rags-to-riches” club.

One of them was debansu a young delhi lad who came to the city in his Ed Hardy t-shirt and bulged biceps to earn his share of bread and butter. After a long train’s journey he was enervated and now was in search of the stay. He got into a very modest lodge after a walk of nearly half a mile but he knew he can’t survive long without a job and finding one won’t be a cakewalk.

Next day without wasting a second he started his job hunt in the streets of the city and after many rejections on the 5th day he landed up in a sales man role for a shoe store.

“Hey young man ,don’t be late and remember no off days on weekends” said the shop owner a mid aged bald man with bulky body .

Debansu nodded in a sense of displeasure within .

He shifted to a 1bhk house with his 3 other co-workers near to the store. Now his mundane life included 12 hours of work with 8k salary and fear of getting a pink slip anytime. He wasn’t pleased with his life but in some corner of his heart he had that believe that one day he will be the god of this city.

It was after many days of grinding at shop and sleepless nights he was laid off on the account of excess manpower . He then moved forward door to door in the search of new job but in vain.

By now all the hopes had started to shrink and perpetual thoughts of going back home had started to rise across his head. The dark clouds of failure and mayhem of negative thoughts had taken over him. He decided to pack his back and catch the next train to Delhi that’s when he got a call from his friend a ray of sunshine in the dark for him.

“Hello man what’s up” a deep voice from the other side .

” Nothing mate just fighting against the odds” debansu replied

Hahaha , the man chuckled . Well I have an offer for you

“Offer?” ,debansu exclaimed

” Yeah the offer that can change your fate”

“Don’t play riddles mate, jump to the point ”

” Well I have few pills to deliver if you could help me out I’ll share 30% of profit with you”

“Pills? What kind of pills ” debansu exclaimed

“Come on man you know it already , Don’t you? ” He chuckled

After a pause of few seconds debansu replied “okay , what’s the deal”?

“Perfect catch me at the location”

And he Hung up the phone

Next moment debansu got a location on his WhatsApp with a message reading “see you at 9 “.

Now there was sense of dilemma going across his mind but he didn’t want to return penniless so he backed his instincts and reached the location at 8.55.

It was a cold rainy night and as he knocked the door the most ugly face with drooping chin opened the door.

“Hii max ” , debansu greeted

” Hello mate come inside”, he replied

Max was an ugly faced boisterous man with a drooping chin and obnoxiously long nose.

Max and debansu were schoolmates before. Max came to Mumbai 2 years ago and since then he was into the drugs buisness.

As debansu sauntered into the hall and looked around the splendour of the house he was tantalised by the inner beauty of the house.

“Wow mate your house is splendid “, he exclaimed

” It’s all the gift of these beauties”,max opened a shelf containing all sorts of drugs a man could ever get.

“Crazy stuffs mate”, debansu in a surprising tone while examining the drugs.

“Okay settle down and let’s talk about the deal ” summoned max

As they sat on the enormous sofa max took out the box of pills and said ” I want you to deliver this stuff tomorrow night ”

“Yeah I can , but why aren’t you doing instead ” debansu asked in a intriguing tune

“I’m leaving the city tomorrow morning to get some stuffs and this needs to be delivered tomorrow at any cost” replied max

“Where you are heading to?” asked debansu

Max made no reply and handed him the box with 50k cash.

“I’ll send you the location tomorrow morning mate” said max

Debansu left with the box and cash.

Next morning he received a location and message reading “Good luck”

He left at 7pm for the location and as he reached the destination it was a desolate old building with no signs of habitat and a old man in blue suit smoking a cigar was waiting there anxiously looking at his watch.

“Are you debansu Max’s friend”? , asked the man in the British accent

” Yes” , replied debansu in a hesitant tone

” Hello old sport my name is Wilson I’m an englishman and basically the godfather of your friend” said the old man

Debansu handed him the box and money and suddenly a pistol fell from the Wilson’s pocket . He grabbed it quickly and left hastily with a smirky smile.

Debansu was all perplexed now and suddenly he received a message of 1 lakh INR credited to his account .

All of this was real now the money the drugs and the guns …..

To be continued

Ps- the lead character’s name I used here belongs to my friend and story is completely fictional๐Ÿ˜…

Error boys-3

Hello reader welcome to the the third episode of error boys.

It was at the end of the 1st year of college we decided to move out of the hostel and that turns to be a life changing call for many of us. For me life changed upside down. The change was obnoxious but some part was beautiful as well.

I shifted to kumarswamy with Rajesh and gaurav ( who later became a part of our bro group ) and we rented a 2bhk flat there. There was also a 4th tennant but not important here so let’s just ignore him like i ignored my semesters lol!

By then I wasn’t acquainted with gaurav much and we had barely spoken before. But as time passed we became a very good friends and something gotta give now. Some beautiful green chapters of life was waiting for both of us. And yes I also met Abhishek Verma on the way a self proclaimed hacker and a quite a character !!

A few days later me and gaurav went to vishnave’s home who was living with Vikrant and 2 other guys and fun part begins here. There was no sight of vishnave and co but his 2 friends were already there engaged in their happy world of merijuana.

That day I was introduced to the green herb for the 1st time and took 1 bong shot but it didn’t excite me much (stoners can relate here). So with a sense of displeasure I headed back to my flat. The same day prabhas ( gaurav’s friend ) came to our flat with some hopes for me to fly ๐Ÿ˜….

I remember it was raining that evening when I took a bong shot for the second time in the day and that’s when it hit me. As soon as I put the bong back I was in some different world all together. The feeling was simply unparalleled something which can’t be put into words. My eyes turned red and mind blank it was the most beautiful feeling and I was seeing the things which never existed.

And soon merijuana became a vital part of my life. By now I was notoriously famous for bunking classes and meanwhile I met two ladies in college who later became my best friends ( I need a separate blog for them) .

The phase of merijuana dominance had already started there was no day I remember skipping my wake and bake and no day I remember attending the morning lecture.

This was the time when vishnave and debansu took a master move and started trading in the herb. There was a huge risk involved but they took a leap of faith and it paid off dramatically.

“Lions don’t concern themselves with bits and pieces they wait to seize an empire”

And both of them were now ready to seize an empire of merijuana in kumarswamy layout.

The number of stoners were growing rapidly and soon Abhishek Singh the guy with brighter skin tone than my future joined the party.

Meanwhile there was a sense of unbelongingness started to rise in the non-stoner group within. This was the time when error boys started falling apart. Now there were two subgroups within and for us merijuana was only love.

Initially debansu was working on the line of drug dealers don’t consume but he couldn’t resist much and joined the party later. Vishnave was always the eminent part of the stoners group with whom I tend to spend my whole time smoking. Every gathering every birthday party became just an excuse to smoke.

I dedicated the whole semester to this one love merijuana and as a result plunged in almost every subject of 3rd semester. But I didn’t feel the pain as I was numb in the love of this herb. There wasn’t any change in my attitude the following semesters and paid for it heavily.

By now error boys was just a name and no feelings were attached to it. The group got divided on stoners and non-stoners line .

“life is more meaningful when looked from a single window”

And this was my window hopefully you have enjoyed the journey thus far.


Error boys-2

Hello reader welcome to the 2nd episode of error boys.

By now there were many groups growing up in the hostel but me and ayush ( the teenage nigga) were still at the bay quietly observing the conflicts arising within those groups. As real G’s move in silence like lasagna so did we.

We got acquainted with those 3 prominent guys and soon became friends. The tallest guy was Ankit who became Mr beardo later. The guy with wire like hair was vishnave or “poison in the centre of church” ( you have to figure out the relation here ๐Ÿ˜…) and debansu was our Lannister or D-man ( yeah he can demolish you with his superpowers ๐Ÿ’จ)

Meanwhile the silent killer Mr Rajesh Kumar the guy with brain and a hell lot of humour also joined in. And the most dapper guy Abhishek Singh whose skin tone is brighter than my future was already the part of the group.

A few days later came a credulous Delhi lad ( haryanvi chora) with i-phone in hand ( it has a different story though ๐Ÿ˜œ) . This guy named Vikrant Raghav an overly sentimental character also became a part of the group.

So by now “Error boys” were ready to set the world on fire or I should say hostel on fire.

Before moving forward let me give you some insights of our hostel rules. 1. No cakes allowed inside the room. 2. 8.30 pm was the deadline to enter the hostel premises. 3. No one allowed to enter the others room after 9.30pm

And guess what there was no rules left unturned by the “Error boys” forget cakes we even had rums inside the room . By this time I had already shifted from “105” to “203” with debansu and Abhishek.

The gaietes were at peak and encounters with warden were perpetual. Our warden had given up the hopes after trying out all his cards to break the unity of the group.

With all those curves the first year comes to an end and so our hostel life โค๏ธโค๏ธ.

To be continued…

Error boys

Hello reader welcome to the inaugural episode of “error boys ” .

Happy reading!! โ˜บ๏ธ

It was 2016 the year of jio revolution when I came to the city of gardens “Bengaluru” to pursue btech something that every tom dick and Harry do with eyes filled with dreams and mind with curiosity. But all those hopes took a massive dive when I entered the college hostel . It was not less than a central jail with food an added misery.

I remember the room alloted to me read “105” with an ugly looking fat guy already inside resting on his bed. I sauntered inside looked around and discovered it had 2 bunk beds with only one place unoccupied that too over that fat ass. So I had no option but to jump over. There wasn’t a sight of other two roommates and was sitting silently untill that fat guy greeted me that breaks the silence around I greeted back and soon got acquainted with the other two roommates as they marked their presence a few moments later. One of the guys was way too clumsy and a bit too naive the other one was better than the rest two with sensible mind and humour but certainly none were appealing to me. By now my disappointment had shifted from hostel to roommates.

There wasn’t much words exchanged and the day passed by with inaugural day of college the next day . The college was next level disappointment I need a separate blog to describe my obnoxiously beautiful college so let’s just stick to the story here.

After a disappointing inaugural day I headed back to my hostel room with lame faces surrounding me inside. It was in the zeal of discovering friends I noticed a teenage nigga sitting quietly on his bed opposite to my room . I got acquainted with him and soon discovered that we were on the same boat both regretting the life. This common thread was enough to unite us and as days passes we became chums. This was the time when groups were building up and we two were closely watching the game hoping for our turn to make an entry into. We had our ears to all the gossips going around mainly between the 3 of the best friends of that time. One of them was excessively stretched upwards the other had wire-like hair and the third one a bit taller than Tyrion Lannister with beefy body.

To be continued…

Cricket and life ๐Ÿ

Hello reader welcome to my blog here I’ll be relating cricket with some life lessons. So let’s get started ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

Cricket is a great leveller – MS dhoni

This was WT20 final between England and west Indies . England were firm favourites till the very end and what happened next broke many English hearts as brathwaite smashed ben stokes for 4 consecutive sixes and sealed the game. Imagine the mental trauma of Ben stokes โ˜น๏ธ

And this is how he turned the table in 2019 with his heroics in ashes and world cup.

Yes it’s all about time just keep your head high and be patient !!

Remember this epic match where South Africa pulled off an unbelievable victory by chasing down 435 runs .

Impossible what’s that?

After watching so many innings of Rishabh pant it’s safe to say that no matter how much talented you are but if you aren’t applying yourself then sorry mate even Jesus can’t help you.

There is a fine line between fearless and careless right call is the key to take you over the line

From a chubby Delhi lad to the fittest cricketer of our generation this is the journey of virat kohli

Hardwork has no alternative ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

This man needs no introduction . His commitment and Valor towards the game was simply unparalleled in the WC 2011.

Never say die!!

Remember how this no ball changed the course of the game ?

Always know your limits don’t cross the line

There is no pleasant sight than watching dada swirling his shirt off in the balcony of lords after an emphatic win over England.

Always give it back to your haters

This is how Steve Smith announced his comeback after a year long suspension. when life gives you a second chance grab it like Steve Smith

Every day turn pain into power ๐Ÿ’ช

There is always an end โค๏ธ โค๏ธ

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